Opening Night Celebration of Mike Birbiglia’s “The Old Man & The Pool” at Lincoln Center

November 2022 – Lincoln Center, NYC:

He is one of the greatest comedic storytellers of our time and at the top of his game. It’s opening night of his award-winning show “The Old Man & The Pool”, Mike Birbiglia returned to Broadway with a coming-of-middle-age story about when life takes a dive – into a highly-chlorinated YMCA pool.

Propelled by his singular, insightful voice and everyman style, Mike Birbiglia: The Old Man & the Pool is a hilarious and deeply moving play that deftly uses comedy to offer a galvanic, endearing, and very funny meditation on mortality – that when you stop thrashing around and exist in the moment, you float.

NYC VIBE was on the red carpet to talk with Mike and his friend Ben Stiller about how comedy relieves the pains life brings to us.

Mike tell us what it’s like to be tapped by Taylor Swift to appear in her new music video and to work with legendary actor Tom Hanks in his holiday movie in theaters on Christmas Day.

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